9/14/18 Newsletter



Happy Friday from Gill Elementary!

It was wonderful to see all the kiddos dressed up for pictures today!

We had a great half day on Wednesday, where staff at Gill Elementary focused on further developing opportunities for Project-Based Learning. As we continue our work on this exciting initiative, we are look forward to the impact it will have on our students’ experiences.

A few things to remember as we continue into the fall:

  • We try to go outside daily for recess, unless the weather is dangerous. Please note that “inclement” is not necessarily dangerous, and if it is a little drizzly or damp, we do go out. Please plan accordingly when dressing your child for school.

  • Please remember that after drop-off, if the doors are closed, you should come inside to sign your child in.

  • If your child is sick and will not be in, please call the school or send in a note with him/her/them upon their return.

  • All-School Meetings are on the 1st Friday of the month. Sing is on the 3rd Friday of the month, making next week our first Sing. All are welcome.

  • If your child misses the bus in the morning, please, please, please do not follow the bus to have him/her/them join another stop. This creates a potentially dangerous situation. Pick-up times for each bus route can be found here: https://travelkuz.com/p/236/GILL--MONTAGUE-REGIONAL-SCHOOL-DISTRICT

  • The mums have arrived! If you ordered them, please come on by to pick them up. We ask that you don’t stop in the pick-up/ drop off line to do so.

Finally, two messages from our school nurse.

  • The School Dental Program of the Community Health Center of Franklin County will be hosting a free dental clinic day to take place at Gill School, offering dental screenings, cleanings and other services. Any student is eligible to participate – information and registration forms are being sent home today. Contact Nurse Varner with any questions. Good oral health goes hand in hand with good health for the rest of the body!

  • Please see attached info for the upcoming Gill Flu Clinic, to be held at school Wed. October 17th from 3:30pm -5:30pm.


Have a wonderful weekend!


-Conor Driscoll-

Principal, Gill Elementary School