Friday News 10/26/2018


October 26, 2018

Dear Hillcrest Families,

Wow! October has really flown by!  Our Hillcrest students are now settled into the routines of their school days and they are developing new friendships, gaining new academic skills and exploring all kinds of new concepts. It’s such a joy to watch this growth occur! Today, we were lucky to see their learning in action at our October All School Meeting.  Students from Mrs. Prevett’s preschool class, Mrs. Lesenski’s kindergarten class and Ms. Smith’s first grade class all demonstrated their learning in mathematics. Thank you to the many community members who joined us today.

As we look ahead to November, our teachers are getting ready for Parent-Teacher Conferences on the 8th and 9th.  They are conducting developmentally appropriate assessments, gathering student work samples and thinking about each child’s individual school experience. Whether this is your first parent conference, or you fifteenth, I am sure you’ll be impressed by how well our teachers know their students and by the amount you’ll learn about your child’s progress during this meeting.

Last month, I used this newsletter as a vehicle for introducing you to one of our new staff members, Ms. Katie Hopp, our Technology Teacher.  This month, our October Staff Highlight is focused on Ms. Francis Liri, our School Nurse. Your child may have already told you about visiting the Health Office for a band-aid or an ice pack.  And, you may have met Nurse Francis when picking up a sick child. But, you may not already know the following fun facts about Nurse Francis. Did you know that Nurse Francis once jumped out of an airplane with a parachute?  She also is an expert at spying double rainbows and she’s already seen one here at Hillcrest! And, Nurse Francis has a dog named Sophie who goes bananas for bananas! Stay tuned for our November Staff Highlight . . . who will it be?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend --

Sarah Burstein