Walk to School Day

Would you like to walk to school on October 3rd? Here are some great opportunities to join your classmates and community members for a fun morning walk!

Sheffield’s Walking School Bus departs at 7:55 each day from Second Street Baking Company (4th & L Streets). On Wednesday, October 3rd, Hillcrest students can join Sheffield’s Walking School Bus. Sheffield staff members, Shelly Taylor and Will Johnson, Parent Volunteer Paul Wonsey, and School Resources Officer Dan Miner will walk with students arriving at Sheffield at 8:10. Officer Miner will continue the Walking School Bus across the field to Hillcrest.

Another meeting place for Walk to School Day on Wednesday, October 3rd is the Montague Safety complex (Police & Fire Station). Students can meet up with Parent Volunteer Meghan Hastings and Hillcrest staff member, Krista Matrishon, at 7:45.

Also on October 3rd, students can meet up with Parent Volunteer Lesley Cogswell and Hillcrest Principal Sarah Burstein at Scotty’s Market (66 Unity Street) at 7:50 to walk to both Sheffield and Hillcrest.