Family Message from Superintendent Beck

Dear GMRSD Families, 

Last Meal Pick Up Before Vacation 

Please note that Thursday February 11th will be the last meal pick up before the February vacation. Five meals will be provided at Thursday’s pick up, which will take place at the same times and locations. 

Ventilation Report High School/Middle School 

We are pleased to share the results of the HVAC work completed at the High School/Middle School. The report indicates that the 2.0 air exchange targets/hour have been met in all but one instructional area. The building is ready to receive students in hybrid. The causes of the remaining locations that require repair have been identified and work began today on completing those areas as well. The full report can be found at the following link:

Call for Community Assistance with Staffing 

We have been making progress with filling our newly opened positions and have applicants. However, I wanted to again reach out to families to consider applying for these positions to expand the pool of applicants or please consider joining the list of potential substitutes. If you are interested in any of the following positions below or in becoming a substitute, or know someone who might be interested, please visit School or respond to this email to indicate your interest.  

  • 2 Facilities Staff – school year 
  • 1 High School Certified Nurses Aid Special Education 
  • 1 Gill Special Education Teacher Long Term Sub 
  • 1 Gill 1to1 Paraprofessional 
  • 1 Gill Long-Term substitute paraprofessional 
  • 2 Sheffield Long-Term substitute paraprofessionals 
  • 1 Sheffield Paraprofessional  
  • Substitute Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Cafeteria Staff & Facilities/Custodial Staff 

Thank you all for your assistance. 

Brian Beck 
Superintendent of Schools 
Gill-Montague Regional School District