FOS Meeting Notes 9/15/2021

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In Attendance: Cassie Damkoehler, Corinne Ginsberg, Nikki Henderson, Will Johnson, Stacey Langknecht, Stephanie Lofland, Julie Nolet, Susan Pelis, Melissa Pitrat, Kubita Wait, Lesley Cogswell, Carly Skorupa

Introductions: So many new and familiar faces! Thank you and welcome!

Reminder that it’s okay if you cannot attend every meeting - please join when you can. We appreciate your time and your energy.

 Problems with meeting link and teachers/staff attempting to login from school accounts... Lesley to check into this.

Who We Are & What We Do:

FOS is a group of parents and caregivers, school staff and community members who help support the amazing learning community at Sheffield Elementary School.  We’re essentially a PTO.  FOS plans events for our students, organizes fundraising, and coordinates staff appreciation activities.  During a normal school year FOS sponsors a variety of fun, family events including an annual pumpkin carving party, a booth at The Great Falls Festival, field day at Camp Kee-wanee, class t-shirts for all students, staff appreciation week, a trivia night fundraiser, and other small projects, celebrations, and improvements within the school.

FOS Roles: Co-chairs Lesley Cogswell & Carly Skorupa

             Treasurer Kelsey Cadran 

(Updated since last meeting: Kelsey has agreed to step into the role of Treasurer for us and she will coordinate with Jen Cadran to transfer the bank account information into her name.)

Treasurer’s Report:

Summer Movies in the Park / Concessions: Carly, Melissa, and Lesley each staffed a movie. $128.72 in items were purchased - seltzer, chips, candy - and only $110 was taken in for three movies. There is one more movie on 10/15 at Peskeomskut Park (rain date 10/29) - Melissa offered to staff the table with the snacks we have left. Student Council to possibly assist?

Julie noted FOHillcrest had pre-popped popcorn at an event in the past. We have the popcorn machine at Sheffield if anyone is interested in taking this on for the movie.

Stacey noted possible donation can (“t-shirt drive”) at the movie as well. 

Welcome Back Apples donated by Clarkdale Fruit Farm and organized by Lesley. A thank you note was sent on 9/9/21. This is something we should continue to do at the start of each year.

Going Forward Re: Covid - At this point it’s too soon to tell how the next month or so will play out, but annual pumpkin carving will likely look similar to last year’s event with families having an opportunity to pick up a free pumpkin at school and to be carved/decorated at home. No large groups at the school / also the layout of the cafeteria is not the same with 64 desks rather than the large tables.

Nikki detailed a pumpkin carving/decorating contest at her previous school with prizes/incentive and the opportunity for students to display their masterpieces.

Lesley questioned whether we could have students carve pumpkins in their classrooms - that way the event could still be held and it might be more inclusive as some families were historically unable to attend an evening event… Melissa noted the need for smaller/lighter pumpkins for this to work and offered possible use of the tents for carving outdoors. She will check in with team leaders to see if time could be set aside for classes to do this together.

Goals For This Year: Fundraise for Class T-shirts (total cost approx. $2,500) and for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Welcome letter with specifics for families to check off that they will help / combine this with the donation drive letter?  See past examples: 

Welcome 2019 fall FOS Donation Drive

At this time it’s unclear whether individual classes will fundraise for field trips as trips most likely will not happen again. Julie noted bringing presentations/shows to the school if classes can’t go to them.

Other Possible Fundraisers: Pierce Bros. Coffee - most profitable last year, Gear Store - not very profitable but worthwhile for school spirit, Erving Station Chocolate, Flower bulbs - Amaryllis or Paperwhite, Raffle Calendar, Wreaths - Mill River Farm...

Other news: Stacey noted Carrie Burke working with families for Warm the Children to assist families in need this winter. How can FOS help? Spread the word?

Next meeting Wednesday, October 20, 4-4:45pm.

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Following meetings: November 17, No Meeting in December, January 19, February 16, March 16, April 27 (4th Wed. due to school vacation), May 18

Thanks to all for your time, your energy and your great ideas!