Principal Newsletter 9/18/2020

Principal Newsletter for September 18, 2020

  • Congratulations!! You all survived your first week of remote learning!!  There were some technology glitches that booted people off their meets, long lag times, etc.   We greatly appreciate your patience.  Your children were amazingly patient as well!  Our technology department is working to remedy the issues.

  • Please know that our teachers attended a lot of training and are bravely teaching the technology to go along with the academics they are now required to engage in.  There is a degree of struggle your child will need to engage in so the teacher can assist.  If you have questions or suggestions for the teacher, please submit an email to them rather than the chat box.  Also, teachers have scheduled office hours to support and assist you and/or your child with both the technology and academic questions you or they may have.

  • If your child attends a school-day program (like the YMCA, Ja'Duke, Girls Club, etc.) during periods of remote learning, parents/guardians are encouraged to let the school know so we can obtain a release to exchange information when necessary to support their learning

  • On the following page is virtual class learning environment guidelines for you and your child(ren) to engage in to allow for optimal learning for all.

In a virtual learning environment, we want to encourage students and families to replicate the type of learning environment that is expected in a typical classroom to the best of their abilities.


Students Can Help By: 

  • Following the rules/norms established by your teacher. 

  • Asking for help when you need it using the agreed upon  classroom’s signals (ex: hand raised, thumb up, question in chat box).

  • Sitting up and facing the camera. 

  • Keeping the camera on as much as possible. Staying muted unless otherwise instructed. 

  • If the camera needs to be turned off, students are expected to continue to respond to teacher prompts.

  • Keeping the device in one place.

  • Following the teacher's instructions for using the chat, and staying connected to the topic at hand.

  • Keeping their faces polite and appropriate.

  • Keeping the pinned picture the same

  • Following the school dress code. 

  • Waiting to eat until break times.

  • Keeping gum in your mouth.

  • Waiting until after class to play with toys. 


Families/Caregivers Can Help by:

  • Setting up a consistent learning space for your student. Try to have their tools available in that space for them ready to use.

  • Helping with materials, but not assisting in telling your student the answers.

  • Remembering that your student is learning and that incorrect answers are part of the learning process.

  • Making sure the background is appropriate. Being mindful of people and pets that can be seen and heard in the background (the microphones on our devices are very sensitive and pick up a lot).

  • If your student is having technical difficulties, please help them leave the space and re-enter. 

With Sheffield Pride,

 Melissa Pitrat