Friday News - January 27, 2023

Hillcrest Elementary School

Friday News

January 27, 2023


Dear Hillcrest Families,

With a Snow Day on Monday and an In-Service Day on Friday, it was a very short school week for our students. We are all hoping for more school days next week!

A few important news items:

  • We all enjoyed a wonderful All School Meeting on Thursday!  Mrs. Prevett’s preschoolers shared their mathematics & literacy learning with a presentation of The Five Little SnowPals, Mrs. Fox’s kindergarten class shared their social studies and social justice learning with their presentation of a poem about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and Ms. Smith’s first graders shared their mathematics and literacy skills by presenting mathematics story problems that they had written, illustrated and solved.  

  • Valentine’s Day is coming up and your child’s teacher will be sending home a letter about their plans for exchanging valentine cards in the classroom. Please note that this is an optional activity. If you chose to send valentines to school, please do not send any edible treats (candy, cookies, etc.).  Our school policy prohibits food being sent into school for any kind of holiday or celebration.  We will not be able to distribute your child’s valentine cards if they contain any edible treats.  

  • Another upcoming school-based celebration is the 100th Day of School, which is currently scheduled to take place on Friday, February 10th.  Please be on the lookout for communication from your child’s teacher about this fun day of mathematics learning.

  • Attached to this week’s email you will find the January Mathematics Newsletter from Ms. Hirst. Please be sure to check this out and don’t forget to help your child to participate in the weekly math challenge!

  • Looking ahead to the springtime, we’ll be holding our Open House for NEW kindergarten families on Thursday, March 31st and our Open House for NEW preschool families on Friday, April 28th. Details to follow. 



  • We’re looking forward to Cocoa & Crafts Night, sponsored by Friends of Hillcrest on Thursday, February 9th. Please be sure to reach out to Friends of Hillcrest if you’re able to lend a hand as a volunteer.  They can be reached at or via their Facebook page. 


Wishing you a wonderful weekend –

Sarah Burstein, Hillcrest Principal


Important dates

  • February 1st - Early Release Day

  • February 9th - Cocoa & Crafts Night

  • February 15th - Early Release Day

  • February 17th – All School Meeting @ 9:00 a.m.

  • February 20th - 24th - School Vacation Week