Hillcrest All School Meeting Highlights: Nov. 2018

3 1st graders holding illustrations they drew captioned with "I am thankful for ..." sentences

At our November 30th All School Meeting, the theme was "Gratitude."

We did the "2, 4, 6, 8 -- Who do we appreciate?" greeting and enjoyed hearing from preschoolers in Ms. Welles' class, who each shared one of the many things they are thankful for. 

Kindergarten students in Ms. Hirst's class have been practicing finding words they know inside poems and reading poems together in one voice, and they recited this poem by Jack Prelutsky for us: 

"I'm Thankful"

I’m thankful for the turkey,

I’m thankful for the pie,

I’m thankful for the corn and bread

And squash I’m going to try.

I’m thankful for the toys I have,

The sun I feel and see,

And always for my family

First grade students in Mrs. Saylor's classroom had made lists of things they are grateful for that don't have any monetary value. Each student choose one thing and wrote and illustrated a a sentence about it. Here are some of them with the work they shared:

1st grade students holding drawing they made and captioned with "I am thankful for ..." sentences.

Mrs. Burstein gave out this sheet of tips for parents.