Technology Resources

Dear Gill-Montague Families,

Family Technology Resource webpage - We are continuing to add resources to this webpage available on our District website at We have added more video and online resources to help our families navigate their students' remote learning environment. Please visit the site if you need help in logging into your Chromebook, your students' Google Classroom, using the SeeSaw tools, and more. There is also a way to send a support ticket to our GMRSD HelpDesk if you have specific questions about the technology.

Internet Connectivity Needs - Please continue to contact your school's main offices if you are in need of internet resources. We strongly recommend the use of broadband for connectivity and taking advantage of Comcast's Internet Essentials offer: or Verizon's Lifeline program This is because broadband connections always serve as the most reliable means of connecting during remote learning. And then our schools are able to offer hotspots to families who are unable to use these services.

Public Participation in REMOTE School Committee Meeting:

As Secretary for the School Committee, Jennifer Lively will coordinate two types of communications by emailing her at . Please indicate to Ms. Lively which of the following types of communication you wish to send to School Committee:

  • Public Comment at School Committee meeting on Tuesday September 22nd  at 6:30PM- I would like to be sent a link to make a brief public comment during the School Committee meeting.
  • Sharing Comments with School Committee ONLY- I am sending my comments to School Committee only and do not want my comments to be shared publicly. This may be sent to Ms. Lively by email or mailed to or dropped off at the district offices at Jennifer Lively, 35 Crocker Avenue, Turners Falls , MA 01376.


Brian Beck

Superintendent of Schools