School Health & Wellness Information

Welcome to our new District School Health and Wellness Information web page.   We will be sharing information and resources on this site as a means to inform families of school health requirements, Department of Public Health guidelines, and best practices in prevention.  We will continue to add information to this site as a public service to our students, families, and community members.

Meet our District Nurses!     (click on name to send an email)

Jazmin Miller, Hillcrest Elementary School (Grades PreK-1), 413-863-2638
Carol Varner, Gill Elementary School (Grades K-6), 413-863-7458
Billie Gammell, Sheffield Elementary School (Grades 2-5), 413-863-7441
Beth Savidge, Great Falls Middle School/Turners Falls High School (Grades 6-12), 413-863-7313
Lily Stafford, Great Falls Middle School/Turners Falls High School (Grades 6-12), 413-863-7313


Wellness and Preventive Care

School Community Health UPDATE March 2024
COVID-19 Quick Reference Sheet

School Health Immunization Requirements
School Health Screening Requirements  (Vision,hearing,postural)
Food Allergy & Anphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
Asthma Action Plan for Home and School
Managing Food Allergies in Schools
Department of Public Health Fact Sheet on Head Lice
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program 
MASS Health Children's Vision Benefits
Dental & Oral Health Information 
Healthy Kid Eating Guide
School Flu Guide for Families
Look4Help: Resource Directory for Franklin & Hampshire County


Substance Abuse Prevention Information
Gill Montague Community School Partnership Website and Resource Page

Get Outraged: Dangers of Vaping  (Department of Public Health)
Counseling Parents and Teens in the Age of Legalization of Marijuana

Community Health Resources

Health Connector
Dental Insurance Information
Community Health Center Greenfield
Franklin Hampshire Community Action
Behavioral Health Network
Medical Transportation Information