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Dear GMRSD Community,

It is an honor to continue to serve the vibrant communities of Montague and Gill.  It is also a pleasure to play a role in seeing relationships strengthen among school district stakeholders, as we work together to support the learning and growth of our young scholars.  One of our goals across the district this year is to improve in our digital communications with friends and families.  This includes launching this new district website and associated school webpages. 

This page is a place on the site where you may find documents of long-term relevance as well as high interest items of passing interest. I invite you to dig through some of the artifacts here to gain a deeper sense of what we are up to here at GMRSD. And please feel free to contact me with any items of interest, feedback you wish to share, or concerns you wish to express. Contacting me through email is usually the most efficient way to go:         

Sincerely yours,
Michael Sullivan, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

Newest Post: 

Civil Rights Violations, Responses, and Education (Jan 2, 2019) (spanish translation below)

I would like to thank the parents of students of color who have made recent efforts to insist that our schools do more now to address the occurrence of race based civil rights harassments at our middle and high school. It should not have been necessary for them to motivate us to closely examine our practices and set in motion plans to do better.  Creating safe, comfortable, and inclusive learning environments is our most fundamental obligation and when conditions exist that interfere with any student’s ability to feel comfortable and at home in their own school we need to do better.  Even though teaching for improved civility, equity, and multicultural understanding has personally been a cornerstone of my career, I apologize for not having made it a higher district priority sooner.   

In this memo I would like to report on the action steps underway, the things I have learned to date by reviewing our practices, and the process we have set up to continue to learn and do more.  Before doing this, however, I wish to clearly express my support for the work of our secondary principal, Annie Leonard.  Principal Leonard has a strong personal and professional commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice education.  Her drive to create inclusive learning communities has been evident to me over the last four years in her decision making, her hiring practices, her approach to staff learning, and her interactions with students.  Where adjustments need to be made in the school’s responses to civil rights infractions, I am confident the source of any missteps has not come from a lack of concern or care for students who have been the target of discrimination. (Continue reading the memo)


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