School Choice Openings for GMRSD Schools



We cordially invite you to consider enrolling your child in the Gill-Montague School District through the state’s school choice program, which allows children to attend schools in communities other than the community in which they reside. 

Our anticipated school choice openings are now available on the left side of this page. We must receive applications for these spaces by May 31 (see below). If school choice openings exist after June, parents may submit an application for these spots, which remain available throughout the school year until we achieve class size limits.

How to Apply

We accept applications for intra and inter-school choice students and give priority to intra-district families who apply prior to May 31. We also give priority to applicants with siblings at a school within our district. If there are more applicants than seats for a given school and grade level, we will conduct a random drawing and establish a waiting list. 

Please fill out the appropriate school choice form found at the side of this page and return it to the district office. If you have any additional questions, please contact Tara McCarthy at the Office of the Superintendent via e-mail or phone at (413) 863-9324.