Teaching and Learning

The Gill-Montague Regional School District is committed to hiring and promoting high-quality professionals who are dedicated to the success of our students. We mentor our faculty and staff and provide professional development opportunities that improve job performance and increase student achievement.


Our district creates and utilizes comprehensive curriculum that fosters independent thinking, collaboration, and unique learning opportunities for our students. We have developed our curriculum to support cross-disciplinary learning and to adhere to state and federal standards. Our goal is to support instruction that engages students and helps them apply their knowledge to new situations and areas of learning.

Curriculum Maps

As part of our ongoing work to partner with families, we are pleased to provide you with access to what we teach and what students learn across the district in grades K-12. The tool educators use to plan, guide, and refine what they teach is called a curriculum map. Curriculum maps identify the units of instruction for each course, the approximate amount of time that will be spent on each unit, and the sequence in which the units are taught. Within each unit you will find its overarching goals, key concepts, core content, essential skills, and driving assessments.

Staff Development

We support our staff in continued education and learning. We provide a variety of opportunities for our educators to improve their knowledge and develop teaching abilities. 

GMRSD Professional Development Site

Your principal must approve of any college courses, conferences, or workshop attendance. If you are seeking district credit or course reimbursement, you must also have prior approval by the superintendent. You won’t need a separate approval form for professional development activities offered within the district, as we will track attendance internally.

Jeanne Powers
Director of Teaching & Learning