Summer Program Bus Information

Dear GMRSD Families: Please note that bus times are approximate. Please be ready at the bus stop at least 5 to 8 minutes before and after the posting stop time given unexpected circumstances that can affect travel time. For safety reasons, the bus will only allow riders signed up in advance to board the bus.  Thank you.

G/M HS/MS-AM Summer Bus

6:58 AM STOP Walnut & Myrtle

7:05 AM STOP after turning onto Semb Dr.

7:07 AM STOP Prondecki’s

7:13 AM STOP Corner of Lake Pleasant and Broadway.

7:17 AM STOP 438 Turners Falls Rd.

7:22 AM STOP Corner of Central St. & Unity

7:23 AM STOP Corner of 3rd +L

7:24 AM STOP Corner of 7th + L

7:27 AM STOP Avenue C & Turners Falls Rd.



G/M Elementary-AM Summer Bus

8:01 AM STOP Corner of Broadway & Lake Pleasant Rd

8:05 AM STOP Rte. 63 & Green Pond Rd

8:08 AM STOP Millers Falls Library

8:10 AM STOP Miller Falls Rd & Lyman St

8:15 AM STOP Unity St @ Kostanski’s Funeral Home

8:16 AM STOP Corner of 3 + L St.

8:17 AM STOP 7th & L St.

8:20 AM STOP Avenue A & 11th (patch)

8:23 AM STOP Montague City Rd & Warner St

8:26 AM STOP Turnpike Rd & Letourneau Way

8:30 AM DROP-OFF @Sheffield


G/M Elementary-AM Summer Mini

7:43 AM STOP #38 Center Rd

7:50 AM STOP Oak St. & Myrtle St.

7:55 AM STOP #252 French King Hgwy.

8:02 AM STOP #94 South Prospect St

8:04 AM STOP Corner of Momon Hollow & Davis

8:08 AM STOP #70 Federal St.

8:17 AM STOP Corner of E. Taylor Hill and Old Sunderland Rd.

8:22 AM STOP #479 Turners Falls Rd.

8:23 AM STOP Turners Falls & Old Northfield Rd

8:24 AM STOP #390 Turners Falls Rd

8:30 AM DROP-OFF @Sheffield